Douglas Wayne Myres, Jr.
September 9, 1964 – May 3, 2001

Just before midnight on May 3, 2001, GodGames lost our heart and soul, and I lost my best friend in this world for the past 4 years. Doug Myres left us suddenly and unexpectedly due to an asthma attack, at the age of 36.

Doug was quite simply the best human being I have ever known. I won’t get into all the reasons why right now, being that it’s about 6 hours after I got the phone call that I’m writing this, and I’m still very much in shock.

We will be updating this page later with thoughts and reflections on Doug from the many, many people who were touched by him, as well as details on how and when people can pay their respects to Douglas and his family.

For now, suffice it to say that Doug was the kind of person who made me want to be a better person. He was a walking, talking reason to believe in the human spirit and goodness.

Services will be held at 2PM Monday, May 7 at the Laureland Funeral Home in Ft. Worth, TX. Visitation will be Sunday night from 6 to 8 PM. For more information, contact Bob Artiz at 817-572-0196.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that anyone wishing to send something make a donation to the Friends of Ft. Worth Nature Club and Refuge or a charity of your choice in Doug's name.

For anyone out there who loved Doug and would like to attend the services, but are faced with financial difficulties in doing so, please contact me at and we'll get you here.

-Mike Wilson

Doug’s Final Email to the Company
May 3, 2001- 5:15 PM

Late yesterday afternoon, after tensions had begun to run high in the office, Doug sent the following company-wide email, instantly defusing the situation with his characteristic humor, compassion, and common sense.

For those who didn’t know Doug, this email captures his unique essence and reveals his capacity for tolerance, teamwork, and family. For those of us lucky enough to have shared a part of his life, it’s quintessential Doug, and our lives are all richer for having known him.

everyone gather around and let grampa doug tell you a little something about E3.

things do get nutty around this time, know this. every year, i see projects get crazy and people begin to melt down from the stress. by melt down, i mean they get behind or something goes wrong and the first reaction is to lash out or begin blaming other folks for the problems.

please understand that everyone is or should be just as stressed and behind as you are in one way or another. so try to think a little bit before blasting someone for screwing up something. chances are that same person can help fix whatever it is that went wrong.

in order for us to get to the lot in one piece, we really do need to work together and help each other out. seriously, please take a little extra time to think about what you say and do before you say or do it.

why this little campfire speech? today has was the first day that i've seen some projects going a little bad and people starting to slinging nasty grams back and forth. don't do this. love thy brother or sister. help someone out. show some compassion. it's only going to get worse as we get closer to deadlines, so start thinking a little more before you blast someone with some bad words, please.

it'll all be worth it when you get to LA and see harry and mike dancing together in drag on the lot, i promise.

as always, i'm thankin ya!


"a family that sweats together will stick together."

Doug was the kind of guy that people wanted to be his friend from the very first moment they meet him. I was really looking forward to knocking back a few beers with him at E3.

I remember one late evening I was over at the G.O.D. offices helping a bit on an E3 video.. Doug had been awake for over 24 hours trying to get all of the videos put together, but he still had his ready smile, and was upbeat telling jokes as he worked.

We'll miss you Fresh.

Berenger Fish

My sincerest condolences for your loss. From what you wrote I feel your friend was a special person, one of the few human beings that still really cared for other people in a world that grows cold, if there is a God I'm sure he's right up there besides the Big Guy, shakin' and laughin'. And perhaps he's watching over the people he cared for so much, that would be nice... I've never met Doug, but I just know he made a difference. For the person that he was, for the love and friendship he gave, from me to Doug: God bless you Doug... God bless you.

For all the people he knew, for you all in grief: We will remember him and try to be as strong and caring, I hope this helps a little...

B. Scheerlinck

Our time together now seems so short. Yet the blessings I have received over the last 5 years as a result of knowing you are innumerable. You were the heart and soul of Gathering - through thick and thin. I will miss you, but I know you are in a better place, looking down on us, just smiling that Fresh smile. The tears we cry in your absence are tears of love, respect and admiration. Although our paths may not cross soon, I find sanctuary from the fact that your memories are in my heart and I will see you again. Know that while you may be gone from our lives in the flesh, your smile and charm will live on for as long as we are here. You were truly a friend. I think God for letting me borrow some of your time. You are gone, but never forgotten. I am a better person for your passing through my life. I will miss you my friend.

Holt Foster

Doug was a man who said what he meant and did what he said. I've never met a person who worked harder, played harder, had a better attitude or shot as straight as Doug. Even when he was calling you on the mat, you knew his intentions were in the right place. There are no words that suffice for the loss of a son, a friend, a great person. I can only say that your love was felt by many and will never be forgotten. Ride on cowboy I'll see you when the sun sets.

Robert Westmoreland

It is very hard to express how very important you have been to me and my family. Kindred spirit relationships are so precious in life. Some never are blessed to experience such pure loving kindness. You have touched so many lives and your beauty will be forever missed. For those of you who did not know Doug and are curious where the foundation of his spirit comes from, there is only one place, and that is heaven, where he now awaits our arrival with open arms, the same wonderful opens arms he greeted us with here in the physical. We must all feel blessed to have known him and rejoice that he is now playing the most important God games of all. I love you and look forward to seeing you again.

Woody and Jill

From the moment I started here at GodGames Doug made feel more comfortable than I had felt at any job or with any new group of people. I felt like I was adopted into a family more than being hired for a job. Doug was one of the nicest and most down to earth people I have ever known. He had a wonderful sense of humor, a great outlook on life, and his constant words of wisdom will always stay with me. I'm glad I was able to spend the time that I did with him. I'll miss you Doug.

John Gibson

I came to Godgames 3 years ago and Doug was like a brother to me, he was the first to welcome me into the family. I got to do some fun projects with Doug, I wanted to do all I could for him. Everyone here is like family to me I share the heavy loss with everyone else, my heart is broken. I loved Doug and everyone else downstairs does too. I feel honored just to say these few kind words about Freshy. Peace be with you, my brother. See you on the other side, keep an eye out for me.

Jerrod Lai

Doug was instrumental in helping us out with web site issues over this past year, and while I can't say I know him on a day to day basis, he was nothing more than kind and pleasant to me in all my business dealings with the Gathering. I'll miss him, but that can't compare to the ache that must be felt over at the Gathering at the moment, as well as his family. My thoughts go out to his family and close friends at this sad time.

Joe Siegler

What an infectious smile. Would it not light up the darkest of rooms? How could you not feel like you belonged when Dougie was around? Just his smile made you feel like you were a part of whatever was happening even if you did not know one other person there. I learned a great lesson from Doug and I hope everyone can take it with them. He was supposed to be in Spain during Mardi Gras but because all of his friends were going to be in one place at one time he canceled that trip. I asked him how he could pass up that trip to Spain. He said "Some things in life are more important. Friends and family don't get together in one place like this all the time." Take the opportunities when you can get them. I will. I only wish I had more.

Jon David Murray

I haven't met Doug in person, but from our numerous corespondence I felt really connected to him. He was THE man and will be deeply missed in my heart.

I would like to pass along my personal condolences to all of his family and friends.

God Bless Doug.

Roman Ribaric

My life has been blessed with the presence of a true and genuine person- fresh. As we know, at times this industry can be ruthless, but it was people like Doug who made all the negatives cancel out and make this industry one of the best to be in. The gaming industry has been blessed to have an individual like him cross our paths.

To his immediate family and to his extended family at Gathering, you are in my prayers, as I morn the loss of Doug with you. I thank you Doug for letting me have the honor to be your friend and for the many smiles you have given me. I can already hear you saying as we are all at a loss of words..."C'mon Now"! You will be missed with many tears and smiles...

Rachel Mills Garza

While I didn't know Doug, I do know what it's like to loose a close friend at such an early age. When we're young we often forget how fleeting life can be. This life lesson is only amplified when the person we've lost was close and so full of life. Please accept my sincere condolences and know that maybe Doug's final gift to everyone was to make you all appreciate those you know and love even more.


ever a smile on your face, if not an impish grin
i met you at the beginning at ion storm
you were one of the people there that kept me sane
you radiated so much of yourself and warmed everyone who came in contact with you
i shall miss you my friend


I met Doug working as a Musician on his stage at one of the Big E3 shows, and I immeadiately felt the kinship that has made your company stand out from the rest. He reached his hand out and made a difference. I wish the best for all of you and remember that he is smiling down upon you today.

Joe Walters

Doug and I spoke often about the simple pleasures of life we share such as campfires surrounded by a few good friends. Without a doubt I can say that out of all the people I've known in this industry, Doug was the one with the biggest heart. His passing is a very sad day for everyone who knew him. I'll truly miss you my friend.

Walter Costinak

Doug was the coolest guy I knew... Always will be.

Mike Donaghue

I did not know Doug personally, but I knew him in my mind and heart... With out him - My video game career would not have been what it is... Doug was an inspiration, someone we can look to as a friend... He will be missed by all! What he has done for us and what he was will be remembered forever...

My condolences to both his family, friends and co-workers... May he rest in peace...

Mitch Rockidge

I'd like to say I have been truly blessed by the few moments I've been allowed to spend with Doug Myres. They don't come any better. I'm thankful for the precious moments. Grab someone close to you because it can happen in an instant. You're the best Dougie Fresh, "All chicken but the gravy."


On behalf of Gamers Depot, I Just wanted to express my condolences for your loss down there of Douglas Wayne Myres Jr. I can relate to losing someone close to you.

You and his family are in there prayers of the GD staff.

Duane Pemberton

The Fly! family suffered a great loss last night with the passing of Doug Myres.

In many ways Doug was a part of the Fly! family well before most of the public even knew who we were. Doug, or "Fresh" as friends called him, would have been the perfect rock band roadie. He was always behind the scenes, pulling off miracles, usually with a ton of cables and electronics in tow. He was a professional through and through, and one of the nicest people I've ever met.

Keep on flyin', Fresh!

Richard Harvey

I am shocked and deeply saddened by this news. Doug was one of the best people I've met in this business. He had a great personality, terrific sense of humor, and worked like a madman. He was my primary contact at GOD because he was the guy that could get things done and I love talking to him.

I will miss Doug terribly. This is very, very sad news.

Darren L. Tabor

I sat right next to Doug for the first 2.5 years of Gathering. Doug helped make work a lot of fun. He made life a lot of fun. He was one of those people you just always feel comfortable around. Fresh was good people.

Long after leaving Gathering, seeing Doug infrequently and catching up on things gave me a sense of peace. Doug was down to earth, and always had your back no matter what. This is an incredibly sad time for the entire extended Gathering family. Doug was our brother. I love you Doug.

Binu Philip

I am very sorry for your loss. I met Doug in New Orleans and at the couple of E3s I've attended and through brief emails. He was a very nice guy and a horrible loss for his friends, family, and the gaming community.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Adam "silence" Corvin

I'm truly sorry to hear of the death. Its always hard to loose a friend, and I really do feel for you guys. Though I didnt know Doug at all, I can certainly say that im sure he was a great guy after seeing all those notes from everyone.

Send my deepest condolences to his friends and family, and to the whole G.O.D. staff.

Jason Spencer

I have no idea what to say about the loss of Doug Myres. During my stint at ION Storm, he was one of the very few people there that I felt I could really talk to, and that he was one of the better people we have in the industry. Intelligent, humorous, and loyal to the quick, Doug was defnitely the kind f person we need more of, both in the industry and the public at large.

To his family, I can only say that I hope you can take heart in knowing that you had a wonderful son, and someone I am truly proud to say I had the pleasure of knowing.

Godspeed Fresh.

Chris Johnson

I only knew him for a few months, but he was such a great guy that I remember him perfectly. He was so sweet and helpful, always cheerfully doing his work. Definitely one of those people ya don't forget, one of those who influences those around him to be good.

Deanna Molinaro

Doug, we're going to miss you. Two E3's and a couple of your sunny visits to frozen Wisconsin and we felt like we had known you for ever. You encouraged us when the going was rough and made the going lighter with that infectuous grin and a good story. For myself and the team members here who had the privilege to know you, we have met no finer man in this business nor in this life.

Ted Halsted

Je me permet de vous presentez mes sincčres condoléance me baladans sur le net a la recherche d infos sur 4x4 evo j ai ete capter a la vue de la 1er image du site.

Eric Bensoussan

Although I'm just one of the "gamers" out there, I would like to show respect to Doug.

I wish strength to all of Doug's relatives, family, colleagues and friends in these tough times.

Again my condolences.

Tjeerd van Sas

We saw the news of your loss on GodGames web site today, and although did not know Doug personally, needed to reach out to you guys.

A few short months ago we too suffered a loss on our team. One of our senior programmers, and our dear friend, Dave Pridie, passed away suddenly of an asthma attack under similar circumstances.

It has been a difficult time for us, as I know it is for you now. We just wanted all of you to know we are with you in spirit, and lend our strength to you at this truly tragic time. To all of Doug's family and friends, our deepest regrets and sympathy.

From all of us at the Secret Level

When somebody dies, a cloud turns into
an angel, and flies up to tell God
to put another flower on a pillow.
A bird gives the message back to
the world, and sings a silent prayer
that makes the rain cry. People dis-
appear, but they never really go away.
The spirits up there put the sun to
bed, wake up grass, and spin the
earth in dizzy circles. Sometimes you
can see them dancing in a cloud during
the day-time, when they're supposed
to be sleeping. They paint the rain-
bows and also the sunsets and make
waves splash and tug at the tide.
They toss shooting stars and listen to
wishes. And when they sing wind-
songs, they whisper to us, don't
miss me too much. The view is nice
and I'm doing just fine.


i know how it felt, when you lost someone who you really cares. hereby i give to you all my deepest condolence... may doug rest in peace

Dave Alexander

I was just browsing GodGames website and saw your tribute to Douglas. I just wanted to let you know that a random web surfer said a prayer for all of those who were touched by his life, especially his immediate family. You never know when your time on this earth will be over. It is my belief that Jesus Christ is the only one who can offer lasting comfort in a time like this. He helped me through my father's death who died when I was a little boy. My dad was only about 2 years older than Douglas was when he passed away.

Tobin Brown

What terrible shocking news. It's really depressing to try and sum up a character as rich as Fresh in just a few lines. What I can say is that his presence was always uplifting to me and I ever appreciated his ceaseless good humour, his enthusiasm. In an often turbulent environment he was a rare and cherished spirit, someone who would always share love. My sincere condolences to everyone that feel this tragic loss.


Sverre Kvernmo

When everyone else ignored the new guy, you took me to Burger King. You made me feel at home. I never saw you in a bad mood and I can't remember a time I saw you without a smile on your face. You never said "no". You never even gave a simple "yes" for an answer when anyone needed anything -- it was your nature to go out of your way to serve. I can't fathom why you were taken away so soon -- I can only believe that you were needed somewhere else.

Jonathan Wright

doug was easily one of the most genuine good guys i've ever met. he made you feel welcome and accepted. i have many fine memories of late-nights with him at ion, and i immediately noted his easy camaraderie. i never saw doug mad. he treated people with care and respect. i liked his sly smile and infectious enthusiasm. he had a magnetic aura.

doug's heart was as big as texas. the last time i saw him (far too long ago), he gave me one of his famous bear-hugs and told me he loved me like a brother. i feel the same way.

in the end, doug myres was just one of those rare people you're privileged to know. As long as i carry his memory, my fresh bro is always around, sneaking in with a laugh and a finger-snap. bless his soul, friends and family.

Christian Divine

I didn't know doug personally, I'm just another gamer. I give Doug's family and friends my deepest sympathy. Doug is in a better place now, even though it is hard to believe since he is no longer with us, it is true. I'm sure he appreciates everything you guys are doing to honor him. I've recently lost a family member and understand everyone feelings.

I leave you with my best wishes.

Greg Theard

My condolences to the family and friends of Doug Myres. I know how hard it is to lose someone that close to you--I lost my mother to skin cancer in 1991--and you should always remember that he's gone to a better place now, wherever that may be.

Tom Ohle

It seems to me that Doug believed in many things which I myself did for a long time now, and even some which I have recently come to grips with. I'm not a mourning person, a lot is lost in mourning... I think we should all think on what Doug did throughtout his life, and learn from it, and maybe even aquire some things which he truly believed in if they are meaningful to ourselves. Doug was a brilliant man, and an excellent person, and under other circumstances, it is very possible that we could've been good friends. I heard great things from several persons about Doug in the past few years, and if I would've heard his name in he past, I am sure it would've been associated with the highest degree of respect.

"Every heart that has beat strongly and cheerfully has left a hopeful impulse behind it in the world, and bettered the tradition of mankind." Robert Louis Stevenson

Octavian Busuioc

I do not know Doug but I am very sorry to hear of this sad news that someone so young had to pass away. I had the privolge of attending E3 last year with 2 friends and meet some of the staff from G.O.D. games. They were very cordial and showed us something that was very important to us. I guess this man's kindness rubbed off on a lot of the companys people. Gone but not forgotten!

John Pette

DOUG MYRES is the keeper of my heart and right now as I sit sobbing in Sydney, Australia. I find my present task uncomprehending. Upon opening this site I see the B+W photo used is one that I took at my house in Palm Beach, Sydney. Doug had come out to steal some time with me, Xmas, New Year of 1999. It was a beautiful summer and although some days were cloudy, it didn’t matter cause DOOOUUUGGG MYYRREESS! could bust all those clouds and make the sun come out, every time, ALL THE TIME! I just heard him in my head in his incredibly sexy Texan voice "Come on over here Tammy Sue and lay a big 'ole kiss on me! My reply as always,"Anytime Cowboy!"

Tammy MacIntosh

I didn't know Doug, but I think that each and every one of us knows someone just like him. My best friend's name is Russ and to lose him after 18 years of friendship would be a blow to my heart and my spirit. I could jabber about how it was fated to happen, or that God meant it to be, and while I am a firm believer in God, I don't believe that he works that way. All I can say is to try and take every good thing that he stood for and live up to it. I truly believe that there will be a time when you will stand again with your friend and tell him of the great things you were able to do in this world because of the things that he inspired in you. All that he was and is will only live on through the actions of those that truly loved him. I am sorry that he passed and pray that God will grant you the strength to carry on in his footsteps.

Jeffrey Flower

Doug Myres was - and is - the most generous, undemanding, selfless, compassionate, loyal, honorable, humble, uncompromisingly genuine person I have ever had the privilege to know or work with. If ever there was a warm sun at the heart of the games industry, it was Fresh. If each of us strived to be even just a little more like him, the world would surely be profoundly marked for the better.

Squirrel Eiserloh

We deeply feel the pain of this tragic event. Although we didn't know Doug personally, the spirit of Gaming pulls us together as one family. After reading about Doug, it's obvious he greatly contributed to the success and survival of the gaming industry. His kindness, understanding and visible leadership skills clearly strengthened GodGames.

The ability to work with another person in harmony was his special gift. Although he is no longer here in the body, his spirit will live on through the people that were blessed to have known him.

From the staff at Planet Unreal, we impart our heartfelt condolences to Doug's family.

Planet Unreal

After reading the sad news, and seeing what kind of effect this gentleman had on so many lives I feel compelled to say something. I did not know Doug personally nor did I know anyone directly who did. But for what it is worth myself and ClickRadio sends their deepest sympathies to the friends and family on this terrible loss. God must have needed you badly Doug. Why else would God take some one like him? Doug you are in our thoughts and prayers. You where obviously very much loved by many, many people. Godspeed on your journey to heaven because that is where you are headed non-stop!

David Anders

I would just like to give you and your family our condolences on your loss.

Mark Sloat and family

I was deeply touched by everything I read on the front page of your website. I did not know Doug, but just through the multitude of feelings that appear on your site about this person, tells me, and the thousands more internet surfers out there, that he must've been one of those unique persons in this world who make it a better place for all of us. I am just another web surfer, but I just wanted to say that you should not mourn so much his departure, but more be happy about the fact that you've had the greatest of luck to have known such a wonderful human being.

Gerassimo Tselentis

Douglas, my cous', how blessed I am and have always been to have you in my life. I met you 26 years ago in Texoma, OK. I fell madly in love with my new cousin that day and have been ever since. You are my sage that has taught me during times when I needed to define myself. You always see the good in me that I do not always show, and have hope when I show weakness. I am heartbroken by the lost opportunities, conversations. I love you and will miss you.

Lori Durham

Dammit Doug, no more chats on films, fastballs, John Prine lyrics, Heights-Southwest rivalries, and of course, the game world. Damn, I'll miss you dude. You redefined the dry-as-a-desert sense of humor. I'll miss that e.e.cummings email technique and all those great wise-ass online remarks. I'll miss your trademark fashion taste - the do-rags, funky hats, and three dollar sunglasses. All including those Bucky Dent good looks. I'll really miss that calming effect you so easily inspired. I guess it's fitting you worked in such high-paced jobs, because you definitely knew how to bring calm to confusion. With you away, life will be less colorful, less humorous, and less original. The general rule is people stink. And yet, you were a great exception. You were so humble, kind , thoughtful - just so damn fun to hang around. I'll miss it all. And I appreciate all you did for me.

Stephen Durham

It's always sad when someone has to leave the party early, but doubly so when it's one of the great "good guys". There are precious few that have the gift of keeping the world on an even keel. Your calm and your cool always exceeded my anxiety & bombast. I'm thankin ya.

JD Manley

I was sorrowed to hear about Doug's passing today. I was actually just thinking about him and you the late last week, and whether you'd be going to Burning Man, and what he thought of it last year. I wonder if somehow Doug was touching each of the people he knew as he left.

He was one of the good guys and will be missed. I'll think of Doug whenever I ask someone to "love thy brother and sister." My heart goes out to all of you and I'll send some good vibes your way.

Kathy Tafel

I never saw your face....but I saw your heart I never shared a joke with you....yet I felt your humor In this wild and free medium of expression you reached out to me and gave me "good time". You were good to me and never knew it and I appreciated you and never shook your hand. And so I'll miss you for never knowing you except that you lifted my boredom by your vision and for that I wish you GODSPEED.

D Camardi

Due to reasons beyond my control (age, school, parents) I can not attend the service that will be held for doug. Of course, I also never even knew him, but I feel I owe him something for the hours of gaming joy I have experienced. Just let him somehow know that Jeff Campbell thanks him for all that he did.

Jeff Campbell

Doug was always the level-headed guy you counted on to get the job done regardless of the situation. He worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure things went smoothly. If Doug was on the job you could rest assured that things would be running smoothly.

Doug, you are a gift to all those who know you, you are a dear friend and you will be sorely missed.

Jay Wilbur

Although I did not work with Doug,I was lucky enough to be his neighbor and friend. He was the kind of guy who was always there to help, and encourage when things went bad. All of you who worked with Doug, should have been honored to have worked with him. As a neighbor,he was the best, and as a friend,one that will always be remembered. God bless Doug.

Michael Zuklic

I'm just a gamer who never knew Doug. The only thing I do know about him, save for what I've learned through reading other poeple's loving descriptions, is that he was in the gaming business, which means that he was in the business of bringing entertainment and happiness to millions of poeple. In addition to enriching the lives of those who knew him personally, Doug has, whether he knew it or not, also enriched the lives of countless gamers all over the world. There is now one less wonderful, talented, and unique person in this world who made it his business to bring joy to the lives of poeple he would never know. On behalf of the entire gaming community, I extend my sincerest condolences and deepest regret over Doug's untimely passing. Doug, gamers the world over will truly miss you.

Daniel Fleischer

I had never before tonight heard of Doug (though surely of G.O.D), i'm no software developer or even script kiddie for that matter. im just a gamer who went to on saturday night to download the latest gamespy arcade to find more T2 and Rune servers. there i ran into this article about the untimely, inexplicable death of one Doug Myres. Before long i found myself reading the entire article and looking at all his pictures and becoming incredibly, awfully saddened as i realized the loss that has transpired. i can't imagine how those truely close to him must be feeling right now. my thoughts and condolences are with you all. and i implore you keep up the good work. its what he would have wanted.

Derek Hall

Hey, my name is Jas, and I recently heard of your loss of Mr. Myres. I didn't know him or any of you, but he seemed like a pretty great guy, and I wish I coulda met him. I feel pretty bad, and I don't know exactly what to say, because I've never met any of you guys. If you guys need a laugh to try to cope with your sadness, check out and hit their downloads of Napster BAD! It's funny, you'll like it. I'm in no position to say "Doug would want you to stop moping, laugh a little, live your lives to the fullest and get workin'" Because I don't know that he would say that, but from what I'm reading, I think in between fishing trips with God, that's what he's saying.


hero "In mythology and legend, a man who is endowed with great courage and strength, celebrated for his bold exploits, and favored by the gods."

You were the one who told us, "Sleep is for the weak." You just smiled when we told you that you were our hero, but there just aren't that many people who I've looked up to and said, "Wow, that guy is beyond cool, and I really want to be like him." Until I met you I never understood hero worship. Since I could never be Douglas, I am just glad I got to spend some time in your shadow. I am a better person for that time... - thankin you, now. Course, if you're getting this, you're just grinning, ducking your head and sayin, "Ah, come on now..."

I guess we'll see you catching a nap on the couch at 5:30am in Valhalla - but you'll claim you weren't really asleep...

Will Phillips

Though I never knew him personally I read the staff message posted on the GOD games website and it struck me what a friendly person he was. This may sound overreacting but my father has had many executive like experiences at his work and those were good and bad. His boss was never a real inspiritation, not to him nor his colleagues and work really suffered under it at his work. One thing that also connects me to Douglas is the fact that my mother has asthma too and almost died of it just 2 years after I was born. Though I can't remember the event, I do know what I would have missed if my mother died of an asthma attack. She still suffers of it every day and I know how scaring it can be.

My condolences to the family and out of respect I quoted Doug's line "a family that sweats together will stick together." on the staff page on the site-under-construction He seems to me to have been a very good person and wonderful colleague.

Sebastian "Jar0d" Brink

you challenged me daily to live the best life possible and to find happiness in every little thing. now that challenge is heightened with your tragic death. to continue to feel the magic in the magic hour that we loved so much, to still love to watch the trees dance, to see that shooting star that you always just missed and delight that it was meant just for me. it seems impossible to bear all the excruciating beauty in this world without you to share it with. you taught me how to love in a way i didn't know was possible- honest, unconditionally, a friendship that i can't quantify with words. my favorite friend, the person who made me smile across the miles. just knowing you were there made my days special. i always knew you'd be my friend for life, that you had touched my soul and i'd never be the same. that hasn't changed. i can feel you now- that blinding glow that was you still shines bright in every memory, in every smile you brought me. at my saddest moments i can hear you singing "cotton-eyed joe" and see you clogging on the deck of the tourist club just to make me laugh. you look at me with your silly grin and say "come on girl, let's do this" and i know i'm gonna be just fine. thank you dougie for changing my life with your friendship. you completed ME.


You're hard work within GoD will not be forgotten, and neither will your need and love for perfection. My deepest condolences go out to your family and friends, as well as anyone within GoD who knew what a wonderful person you were.

Shawn Snider

Words don't do Doug justice, but I'll try. Among the amazing group of people that make up the Dallas gaming community, Doug was a shining light. He was the nicest, friendlest of them all - even under fire. I remember editing videos with him late into the night at the Gathering offices when he'd gone without sleep for days. I'd say something like "Hey Doug, I've got all our clips laid out, I know you're tired but it'll only take an hour. Can we lay them down?" He'd flash that trademark grin of his and say "Sure, let's see what we've got." 16 hours (and lots of laughs) later he'd finally be satisfied that we had a good video. Dead tired, worn out, and under immense stress for every tradeshow or event, he always had a smile and kind word for everyone. No one else I know held up under stress the way Doug did, and no one else helped everyone else pull through as well either. He always had time to help his friends and give them all the advice and insight he had. He was an incredible man and a wonderful friend. I love you Doug.

Don MacAskill

My time working around Doug was brief and I didn't get to see him as often as I would have liked to. When I came to work at Ionstorm in Dallas, I really didn't know anyone and wasn't really sure if I had made the right move having left everything that mattered back in Pittsburgh. Doug was always very friendly and was one of the guys that made me feel very much at home. His genuine outgoing qualities were a shining example to us all and a rarity in a field that is notorious for it's inclusiveness. He will be missed.

Josh Jay

I never knew Doug Myres, but I have played games made by G.O.D. I stumbled onto a link to the G.O.D. website where friends offered their condolences to Doug. I read through each one, and after the last one I cried. Even though I never knew Doug, his friend's accounts of his outstanding character and personality made me sad to know that such a great person has passed away. People like Doug exemplify the importance of being human, and his death reminds us of our own fragility. Through our thoughts and prayers, Doug has proven to us that the strength of the human spirit can transcend death. He will continue to live in our memories. I would like to offer my condolences to the friends and family of Doug Myres for having suffered such a great loss. "A man can be destroyed but not defeated." - Ernest Hemingway

Clement Tsang

I met him briefly only once, this free spirit everyone so affectionally called "Fresh." I am obviously poorer for not knowing him as well as many of you do. However, I grieve deeply not only Doug and his friends, but his family as well. You see, my relationship with his sister Karie and her husband Brett is as deep as yours is with Doug. And oh my, the depth of their sorrow cannot be measured.

If you ever wondered why Doug is such a dynamic person, look no further than his sister Karie. When she spoke of him, there were always strong overtones of pride. An obvious sibling love and a healthy measure of admiration for her "little brother" that other brothers and sisters would do well to take note ... for time can be a fleeting thing.

To Karie, my heart aches for you beyond description for the loss of your beloved brother, Doug. To Brett, who I know shares the pain of loss and the grief of his wife for her brother, please be strong and supportive in this difficult time. My prayers are with you all.

Vance Toler

Some say that when God really needs extra special help up above, he has to look elsewhere for his greatest angels. Sometimes he has to pull one of us out of the crowd, to help him out. Doug must have been chosen. And everyone that was close to him, or admired him can tell you why, Im sure. He has touched many of us gamers in different ways then he has touched his family and friends, but everyone should know that we feel the loss too. What would our countless hours of yelling and screaming, laughing and cheering be without the pure talent of people like Doug? Gaming for all of us is a way of life, not a hobbie, and Doug will sincerely be missed. We lost a special person, but God just made a great friend, and talent. Now Doug will get a chance to work for the Big Kahuna, so don't be sad. Doug just got the greatest promotion of all. God's Speed, Doug. We love ya, and miss ya already!

Robb and Jayne - Gaming Fans

I loved you like a son. your warm spirit touched my heart. a great loss to the world, a great loss to all of our lives. but through us all you have left a little piece of yourself behind. and hopefully we can all get pass the pain of your loss; and learn from your selfless ways. you will be missed more than words can say, but your memory will remain forever here in the minds of all of those who love you.

Momma Poland

I can't believe yet that you are gone. I can't believe that we'll never talk again. I find one small comfort in the fact that I truly believe that you somehow knew how much you were loved. That would be what I would wish for you. You really made this world a better place. Thanks, friend.

Betty Wilson

This is the hardest goodbye I have ever had to write. Goodbye Doug. I will miss you more than I ever imagined. It seems impossible that even though we only saw each other once or twice a year, I could already miss you this much. I guess when you grow up with someone and you spend your childhood and adolescence together, it creates a friendship that can’t be erased by time or distance. I am so glad that you finally got to live and work in the place you always wanted to be. I will forever cherish all the fond memories that I have of us growing up, playing ball, spending who knows how many nights at each others houses, talking about dates we had been on (or the ones we would like to have been on), and just being there for each other.

I can’t thank you enough for your friendship all these years, and luckily, I know I will see you again. What a reunion that will be!!!

I love you, friend.

Rick Levy

Never having had the privilege to meet Doug, I can not feel the same as those who knew him. Death ends a life on Earth, but it does not end the relationship and friendship, which survive in the hearts & minds of those left behind.

To those of you thinking: "How will I get over this?", you won't.

You will get through it, but you will never get over it.

Remember Doug, his life, his ideals, his goals and his dreams.

That is the best tribue of all: Remember.

Jim Uht

Firstly, let me say I never met Doug. But, as an avid gamer I like to think he touched my life at least in some small way.

I like to think of the gaming community -both developers and players- as a family. Thus, losing one of "our" own is indeed a tragedy. The fact that he was so young makes it all the more tragic. I can only guess at the loss those of you who actually knew him are feeling.

My deepest condolences to his family and friends.


From a few short days of Shuffle Board, Mojo Molars and good times stemmed a friendship that crossed the world. I just cannot believe it. My love and thoughts go out to those who were close to you as their loss must surely be immeasurable. There's a big old party going on in the afterlife now, but here in our world you will be desperately missed.

Liza Bermingham

I came to casually but reading this page and seeing the pictures I feel as if he were the kind of person I've known all my life, and that's never actually having met. My deepest condolences.


I didn't know Doug at all. In fact the only thing I have in common with him is a passion for PC gaming and our age bracket. I've been following several games over the years which is what brings me here. You begin to feel something in common with the people you read about on the web pages. I suppose simply because in your mind, you are sharing something (the excitement of the game's development) with them.

My heart is overwhelmed that someone could be taken so suddenly. I think of his family and friends who now feel such a devastating loss. Something I can appreciate not through experience but empathy. And of course I feel for Doug himself. To lose your life when you have everything to live for. It's just not right.

Sincerest condolences.

Geoff Peel

Actually, I never met Doug in person. We talked thru emails for a little over a month when I was trying to get a job at Ion Storm in '98. I was totally caught off guard when he started writing me back. He had no reason to. Ion Storm wasn't even looking to fill the position I was going for and Doug tried to squeeze me in. I had never seen pictures of him till today and now I'm crying. I don't know why. He looks like such an amazing person it makes me miss him. It's kind of inspiring for me.

There is an imbalance on Earth without Doug. I can't see it like yall can but I can surely feel it. My best wishes go out to Doug's family and friends and everyone at GodGames and Ion Storm.

Mat Danos

From all of us at OMG we offer our sincerest condolences to the friends and family of Doug. Life can throw a wild curveball sometimes and all we can do is close our eyes take the swing and hope for the best.

I didn't have the pleasure of knowing Fresh. I regret that. Funny how you can miss someone that you didn't know at all. My sincere condolences to all of you that loved him. You are the lucky ones to have known him. I would like to offer the following quote to all of you and to Doug...

"I am wealthy in my friends." William Shakespeare

Obviously, Fresh was "wealthy" beyond measure. And I am sure his smile is still beaming at all the love and support being shown.

Tamra Nestler

Although, I have never met Doug. I am a "fellow gamer" and have learned of his passing today, by chance. I followed on to to read about this unknown person. After reading about this incredible individual, and reading the variety of words left by those he touched (in one way or another), I felt I too, had a friend. I am 38 years old, and lost a close friend not too long ago.

I am moved to tears to have learned that an energetic, kind, and warm individual has been taken from us, so early in life. While Doug spent his precious time on Earth, he has touched many an individual. He is an inspiration to us all. Folks, let's not let him be forgotten!

God Bless Doug and all of you!

Ron A. Belcher

The Freshest Ever! Doug should not be gone, but he is, and I, for one, am pissed. He was one of the first people I ever met in this industry, and he did everything in his Fresh Power to make me feel like one of the family--this included immediately hitting on me and suggesting we get married right away. I feel so lucky to have known such a genuine, compassionate spirit. Every email, every conversation, every face2face with Doug was like finally getting to take off my shoes, walk on the beach and relax for a spell with an old friend. I won't say goodbye, just: see ya later.

Dede De Leon

Although I've never known you well, I've always admired you as a well respected guy and never failed to fulfill even the most difficult tasks. Till now, you still remain in our memory as a guy we all follow, and treat as a family member. You help guide everyone from enemy to close friends, and help drive us with full motivation. Your departure has caused a big loss in our life and I wished I knew you better! Words cannot describe how much you mean to us! We'll all miss you and will remember you in our memories forever!

Albert Tsang

the only thing i can say is
when i was reading your email
i started to cry, i dont know
you but i think you as having been
a very good person, you've been
a lot stressed working for the
duke e3 video, i'm sure i see
something special posted by you
in the video, i hope so. well,
my condolences to the doug family
and i hope you're playing a lot of
games up there, see ya doug
i hope i can meet you in the future.

leonardo david pellegrini

While I didn't know who Doug was, I am sorry for your loss. It is obvious he was loved by many. I am sending this to you because I am almost 36 (2weeksfromnow) and I have known my share of losing loved ones, family and friends, way before they should have gone.

May God watch over you all and know that he is taking care of Doug now. Doug is in good hands.


Doug and I became great friends throughout the years. I could go on and on about the fun times I had with him. Times that Wilson, Billy, Jake Hughes, and I shared. I am not making any sense anymore, because I just feel so lost. Dougie was ALWAYS there for me, especially through the horrible times I have had growing up in this industry. He would always tell me, "ain't no thang" which was a great philosophy to keep in the back of your head. He was just a phone call away, reminding me to pull it out and remember.

To his family, please know through all these postings and emails it's quite obvious that Doug touched so many people. Most importantly, he cared a great deal for his friends. He saved me from many achiness my heart has felt phsically and emotionally. There are a handful of people that I can completely give my undying, unconditional love and friendship to, Doug will always have that from me. He wasn't just a good person, he was a GREAT person! Anyone who had ever met him could see in his smile. It's not fair.

I am sorry that the world had to lose him.

Trish Gray

I would like to offer my condolences to the loss of your colleague and good friend Doug. It's tough to lose people and I have had to do it all too often this year, so I know how you feel.

Take care.

Mazi Bahadori

Over the past few days I've reflected upon the guy we all knew as Doug, Dougie, Dougie-Fresh, Fresh, Dooouuuuug Myrrrrrrs, and on.

I agonized over the couple of short conversations in the past few weeks. Wishing we had talked more lately. Wishing I'd had the chance to see him since the last pass. Wishing my life wasn't so tied up in this wacky industry of ours that I could concentrate more on the peeps who mattered.

But as Doug would have said, "C'mon now... That's enough, Raymo."

Mssr. Myers was a Human Being with a capital H. Those of us who spent any amount of time with him via phone, face, and mail know that no matter what-and no matter how-he gave his all to everything he did.

Whether it was at Dede's Blair Witch 2 launch party with Mike and a migraine the size of Texas or just fixin' some problems at 2 am on the phone-Doug was a spark of joy.

And as much as the whole thing sucks-I'm going to hang on to that spark for him-and drag it out kicking and screaming no matter what.

See ya, man.

Rick Raymo

I am one who never knew Doug, but being a G.O.D. fan and crossing this tribute warmed me up. In this day and age, it is wonderful to know a person of such loyalty and unselfish caring does truly exisit. I have not seen such a thing for a long time. Mine and my family's hearts go out to all his family and friends, and keep in your heart and mind that it was his time to shine even brighter!!

God bless to you all, and may Doug rest in eternal peace!


I am one of those people that are often seen and not heard, but I decided to once break out of my little bubble and say something. Maybe its because Doug Myers is worth it- few people are. Maybe its because I need closure. I think its both.

I don't have a lot of faith in humanity, to say the least, but seeing Doug pass so early in life is a reason for us all to step away from what we are and ask ourselves how other people see us. Not only was Doug a guy that said nothing bad about anyone, he was a guy that nobody said anything bad about. I spent two years in the same building as that man, often seeing him so completely exhausted that he looked like you could thump him and he'd fall over, but there he always was with a smile on his face and his ever-present 12 'o clock shadow. It doesn't take much for a soul to be strong during the good times. It was Doug's stronger soul that was a rock when the winds blew and the rains came down. When people needed Doug, he was there. When people didn't need Doug, he was asking if he was needed. I didn't know him as well as I'd have liked, but there are some people in this world that you don't have to know heart and soul to appreciate. Doug Myers was such a man. Doug exuded his peculiar self by his mere presence, without saying a word. I am sure that those at Gathering will feel that loss immensely. And while words are drops water in the wellspring of time, I give my condolences to those who knew and loved Doug (they were one and the same) with a humble heart for myself alone, yet still I offer them in hope that they give strength and encouragement to those so close to him in this life.

May love and light be with you all.

Mark Morgan

I didn't work with Doug although its obvious he was very well respected and loved by those who did. I met him through my very dear friends Amy Reed and Harry Miller shortly after they started dating. Doug is a beautiful man and his smile literally lit up a room. His warmth and easy going personality instantly drew me in. I feel so fortunate to have had Doug as a part of my life, if only for a relatively short time. Our friendship was a special one, a little eccentric and different, but very special. He was an old soul with a tenderness about him that makes me smile and cry at the same time. He touched my life in a way that few people ever have. The memories of my time spent with Doug are a treasure. Doug Myres owns a big piece of my heart and he will forever hold a very special place in mine. I loved him deeply and will miss him every day of my life.

Sandy Green

Back from my journey to Dallas and in Orlando now, it's hard to think of the 'why'; it's even hard to believe that I was there. It was exactly 3 months to the day since I left Gathering and Dallas for Florida. I believe that Dougie knew what he was doing, he wanted to keep everyone together. Folks traveled nation-wide to gather again this past weekend, I will be eternally grateful that I was reunited with my family. It is a shame that we didn't have a crystal ball to know that Doug's emails to us last week were the farewells, the outpourings of feelings that seemed to come at an odd time were the last - I know we'll treasure those emails forever. Dougie was our glue, "The best of the light and dark meeting in his aspect and his eyes." He was our inspiration to be "good peeps" :) There is not a female who hasn't fallen for him at one point or another, nor is there one man who doesn't feel that he was a brother. We've all lost a part of ourselves, the kind that you go on missing day in, day out. It may be out there, floating around somewhere but it's no longer in the form of that big, burly man with the shiniest, thickest black hair you've ever see, the broadest smile, the most sparkling eyes, the most tender voice and most soothing words.

A huge part of us is gone on now, and we will never ever be the same, we will take with us the things we learned from Dougie and of course, the music, food and good stuff he turned us on to. Dougie was our great Sensei, our great friend and now he's left us with our final lesson: Stick together and love each other. Until we meet again, Dougilicious, I love you.

Joanna Carr-Brown

i haven't been able to write anything until now, because something tremendous in me shut down when i learned of fresh's death. A crushing blow, the death of potential, so many things i wanted to say, thoughts I wanted to expand, conversations i wanted us to have, ideas i wanted us to act on, so much love i wanted to continue to share. i went through some icq exchanges fresh and i had recently. and through it all, one phrase continuously appeared: "i will take care of you, celle. i always said i would." and i have trusted that, instinctively, from the very first time we met--at a time when i didn't trust anyone. he is not here in body, but he is forever in my heart, my mind, my spirit. And he will be taking care of me--of all of us. I do know this, fresh. you are with me.

"The deep parts of my life pour onward,
as if the river shores were opening out.
It seems that things are more like me now,
That I can see farther into paintings.
I feel closer to what language can't reach.
With my senses, as with birds, I climb
into the windy heaven, out of the oak,
in the ponds broken off from the sky
my falling sinks, as if standing on fishes. "
--Rainer Marie Rilke

Michelle Bagur

Live your life as if tomorrow will never come. What wonderful words of inspiration. I didnt know Doug very well, but what i did know he truely believed in that phrase. He always had a smile on his face. I truely know that he is in a great place.

Lots of love Doug.


Having lost a good friend myself a few years back, I would like to offer you all my sincererst condolences. As someone told me in my own period of mourning, I also will say this to you: "Noone truely dies until they are forgotten" It may not sound like much, but it has helped me a lot then and I hope it will do something for you as well. Again my condolences to you all.

Kurt Segers

I am very sorry for the loss that all of you here feel so deeply. I am also saddened to have never been able to know Doug the way you all have. It's clear that he has touched all of you in a very special way. He will live on in each of you.

Larry Muller

We had the honor of being taken in by Doug and the Krewe at this year's Mardi Gras, and while great times were had by all it was the lessons in friendship that will stick with us. We have learned that the power of many makes everything in life that much better. And though Doug may no longer be sharing in everything that we do, his power, his life, and his spirit will continue to make our lives a little bit sweeter. Our thoughts, condolences and prayers go out to all who have been inspired by him.

Joe Krug and Austin Bock

I'm an old fart - been around a long time. You meet a lot of people in business. Some are jerks, most are nice folks, and every once in awhile you meet someone really special. Someone who will always step up to the plate and generally gets on base. Doug was that kind of guy. Do anything for you at the drop of a hat and really cared. Fun and goofy guy too. My heartfelt sympathies to his family at Gathering and at home and to all those who knew him well. Sometimes it just ain't fair.

Just Joe

Words cannot express my sorrow I have felt the last couple of days. I will miss but cherish that award winning smile. I can't believe I will never have your famous cornbread with the "special surprise in the middle." I know God has other plans for you, but it really makes me mad to think your time was cut so short. You have touched so many peoples lives including my own. As I sit here and reflect, a smile comes to my face, because I know that someday in the future are paths will cross in a much better place. Thank you for being there for me and everyone else. You have truly changed my life with all your goodness. I want to be more like DOUG!

Dede Dollar

I miss you so much!! When I heard you were gone-I had a flashback to Zack's accident at the big ION Storm party. He kept repeating,"I wish this was a dream." This time I wanted someone to tell me to wake up. I knew I could always count on you to be there and now in your absence you are still there, living through our family and the extended family you created for yourself. The outpouring of love we have felt the past few days has been amazing and healing. Thank you for being you. I love you little/big brother.


I only worked closely with Fresh on a couple of occasions but I think I got to know what he was about fairly quickly. Here's what I found out... He was a class act. Amazing to be around. A friend to all. But, most importantly I finally figured out why you guys are always in a good mood over there. No matter what is going on I always hear laughter when I'm there. I believe that his spirit has planted itself very firmly in everyone at The Gathering and I know that when I hear one of you guys laugh or see you smile I'll think of Fresh.

Take care, brother.

Andrew Hoolan

I have always seen GoD Games as a great company with great games. And I feel that after the passing of a friend, worker, and as I hear a wonderful person, that he will be remembered by everyone that has just a little to do with the gaming industry or to someone that's whole life is centered around gaming. But I do understand how it is to lose someone and I want to send all of my condolences to the friends, co-workers, family and to anyone that had just met him while walking down the street one day. After reading this story of Doug's life and seeing the pictures of him it really put a big impact on me and I feel that in mind and spirit he will always be with us. And while Doug is up in the Computer Game Heavens he has become a GoD of gaming we will always remember...


I am so sad to hear of your loss.

I am blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Doug during the beginnings of the Gathering. As I got to know everyone in the company, it became clear early on where the goodness and togetherness came from. If you looked in the back corner of the loft behind a big computer monitor and other assorted components you would find Doug, anytime day or night. He made everything alright.

Doug, we are all better people for having known you and were "thankin ya for it".

Russ Howard

In the early days at Ion Storm, Doug was always the calm voice of reason when things became chaotic. Everyone at Eidos enjoyed working with Doug and we are very sad to hear of his passing. Doug was the nicest guy in the world; he will be sorely missed.

Michael McHale

Everyone here at ELSA, Inc. would like to send our condolences to both Doug and his entire family as well as the GOD crew. We feel honored that we have been able to work with such a great group of people over the last few years. Keep your heads high and your memories close by.

ELSA, Inc.

Douglas, I've known and loved you since your beginning. Your smile, your sweet ways, the energy and talents shown during your growing-up years resulted in this outstanding, much-loved man with a wide grin and a heart as big as Texas.

You were truly blessed with loving, supportive parents and sisters who have always considered you special. Grandparents doted on you, and the rest of the family and all your friends knew how fortunate they were just sharing your life.

Holidays, parties, our lives -- none will be the same because of your physical absence, but your spirit is always with you. Our loss is surely Heaven's gain.

Bettye and Charles

Doug Myres was my friend. For that, I am blessed. In the many years I knew Doug, we got to share experiences that maybe only other 2 people in this world would share. Like rolling out of our tents to run and catch Willie Nelson at Woodstock or taking the best pictures ever taken of ourselves in Amsterdam right before my train was to take me towards home or creating/editing my rehearsal dinner video for my wedding or knowing that we were the same souls, but in different skins. Of all of the friends I have ever had, Mr. Doug Myres always knew how to ‘bring out the sunshine’. Never was there a tense moment or negativity, towards me or others. Doug just always looked on the bright side of life. Doug made you positive by simple, just and appropriate interaction with all he encountered. He caught a lot of fish with his methods. He caught a lot of friends with his spirit.

I will miss my friend Doug Myres. Until the day I die I will miss him. It is ok to miss. I may get comfortable with the brutal fact that Doug has passed on. I will never get comfortable with the brutal realization that Doug is just not here. I need Doug to be here. We all do. I can only remember who and what he was and let it inspire me to greatness. Doug was only unsatisfied with anything short of my best work. I always felt I owed him my best, even if I didn’t think I owed myself my best. He inspired me then and he inspires me now. Nothing has changed there. One of my truest (if not my truest) friend is away from me, for now. But always in my thoughts.

Doug, you good peeps.

I'm thankin' 'ya.

Jeff Smith

I was just stunned to learn of Doug's passing last week. While so many of the postings talk of his kind and wonderful spirit as a leader at your company, my thoughts go way back to 1981 when he was one of the few sophomores on the varsity baseball team at Southwest High School. Even back then he was something very special - something unforgettable. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, as well as with each of you who must somehow try to move past this tragedy that doesn't make any sense to any of us right now. Doug, if you're reading this (smile!), I will remember you always. And, so will all the rest of your baseball buddies and friends at SHS. You were a shining star, and your memory will shine brightly forever!

Carol Huckaby Daley

I can’t believe the depth of the loss that I feel after only having had the pleasure of hanging with Doug four or five times. At the risk of repeating so many other people’s thoughts verbatim, Doug’s smile was infectious. I know of no other way to describe his light other than to say that he seemed to wear his spirit on the outside. It was a rare gift for me to know someone so genuine, and I hope that everyone affected by this loss will strive to embody a fraction of the “Fresh-ness” that they remember. I’m grateful for everything Doug did for Jason, and for providing us all with such a fine example of how to make the world a brighter place. We’ll miss you.

Tammy Birdwell

Fresh, I want to thank you for being in my life, the year we went over the pond to ECTS in England was cool. After which - you, me and Andrew went on a trip to Amsterdam. We were only there for a few days, but in that time and the times that I knew you at GoD - you were the nicest person I know and as selfless as they come. At the time in Amsterdam, we didn't know each other hardly at all, but that didn't matter with you - you treated me as though we were brothers. As the three of us partied there and rode through the streets of Amsterdam on rented bikes at 5 in the morning, you showed me how a human being can be truly free - by giving whatever it is you have to give to even those you don't know and not expecting anything in return. I only knew you for a brief time Doug, but right now my stomach is turning with grief - you will be missed dearly Fresh, but wherever you are - your smiling that big ol' smile like you did all the time and once more showing everyone there what a great soul you are...

AJ Fuller

My heart is deeply, deeply saddened by the loss of one so wonderfully unique. He boosted my spirits and my ego countless times. In just seconds, Doug's verve and humor could alter even the darkest of moods. He was so kind, so compassionate. He truly was a breath of "fresh" air. The loss is immeasurable.

Melanie Cambron

Having just completed booking a flight to Dallas for an upcoming event, I decided to ring up Doug since he's always up for a beer. Out of curiosity, I headed over to the GoD site to see how things have been.

Working with Doug never really seemed like working - Doug approached everyone at a personal level. I felt like his friend when we first met.

During my attempts to break in to the gaming industry, Doug took every opportunity to try and fit me in. This stands out in my mind because he was really personally motivated on my behalf. I have never had the opportunity to really thank him.

I would like to express my deepest condolences for your loss, as I can only imagine how difficult this has been for the people at Gathering.

James Thomason "grendel" - GamesNet

Douglas, I am sitting here at a loss for words which is unlike myself as you know. In thinking of you I guess maybe the word that comes to mind is regret. I regret you are gone before the fishing trips or motorcycle rides we talked about. I regret that my two boys Hudson and Brock will have to look at me as their example of cool instead of you (what a shame for them). I regret that they will not spend time on your ranch each summer like we discussed. I regret that you wont be able to teach them baseball near as well as you. (I was often close to the last picked). I will look for you often and hope to see you many times in their eyes as they play their childhood games and do the things we both know little boys do. Douglas you would be so proud of both of your parents how they are handling the tradegy of your passing. They have shown us all the true meaning of faith in god through these hard times and have personally taught me some lessons that the only way I can repay them is to teach them to your nephews. Your sisters seem to be doing as well as possible but grieve deeply for their loss and I know that their pain will be with them for a long time to come, they both think so highly of you and always will . Dont worry about Karie I will always do my best to provide a good life for her and try to fulfill her needs through both the good times and the bad as I promised about 6 years ago. I will do my best to keep a helpful eye out for Laura and be there whenever she needs me, and always be there for your parents in the coming years as if they were my own. But most importantly I will do my best to guard and protect the children in our family and ask for your helpful eye from up above. Hope you're having fun with your grandmother Lucille and grandfather Lancaster and all of our families other loved ones. If by chance you see a lady with warm brown eyes playing a guitar and laughing with children kiss my mom for me and tell her I miss her. Douglas you will be missed greatly at all of our family gatherings but in our hearts we will know you are with us all. Can't possibly say "goodbye" to you so drop on by when you're in the neighborhood gotta cold beer with your name on it.

See ya bro!


Forever in our hearts is his legacy. Never agan will I open a game from GOD Games and not think of Doug. I believe Doug was part of the right company, GOD games, for God will be watching over him for all eternity. Keep him in your hearts as your life progresses, never forget, but do not dwell, for you will see him again in another world, a perfect world without violence, disease, or hatred.

Doug, watch over us, keep us safe, until we meet you again.

Bob The Pirate

"there is such a thing as immortality, and love is at its heart." -norman grabo

douglas... every morning i choose a tiny card which offers a bit of wisdom in various quoted words... the day of your funeral, i randomly drew out the above quote... given the outpouring of love at your service, i think it's a safe bet you've landed in the realm of immortality...

i have been so reluctant to visit this website.... your death has been so hard for me for so many reasons, not the least of which is how dearly i love aunt clel, uncle doug, laura, karie, brett, and the kids and how painful it is to know they are hurting and that there is very little comfort i can give them.... the comfort i give to myself is how joyous your reunion must be with granny and "mr. lancaster" (as i always referred to your grandfather)... by the way, were they sitting alone sipping iced tea talking about potting soil, favorite dogs, the texas rangers, broken hips, and their three mutual grandchildren when you arrived? (those are just some of the things i remember them discussing during their weekly visits at your house)...

of course, i have tons of memories of you over the past thirty years.... the most poignant and one of the most recent memories i have is of your composure at granny's funeral.... for six years until i came along, you were her baby and the object of much doting, i am sure.... not to insinuate she didn't

continue to spoil all six of us rotten to the core after i came along.... anyhow, i remember sitting in the family area, feeling weakened by my uncontrollable wailing at her funeral... about three-quarters of the way

through the service, i managed to look up for the first time only to set my gaze on the pallbearers (each of which looked broken-hearted).... but i focused my attention on you, because your eyes were bloodshot with tears... you were crying so steadily... so rigorously... just like me.... but you

weren't making a sound.... i had so much admiration for your quiet dignity, which was so real... it wasn't a mask at all.... and it quieted me... it made me be still and know that all was right with the world, though it certainly didn't feel that way.... and then to realize that you would be carrying her casket, and were still able to hold yourself together, to be strong like

granny was.... it was (and remains) a peace-bringing experience for me.... i witnessed her strength in you, and i have remembered that image of you every single day since her death... i can truthfully say the strength i saw in you that day is what keeps me from losing it when i remember granny.... and i never, in my wildest imaginings, thought i would be calling on that strength you so wonderfully displayed to help me deal with your absence.... thank you for giving me that image of you to hold on to forever and ever....

douglas... things won't seem right, i'm afraid, at family functions... you were a much-needed energy.... you were so great with all the kids, so interesting and charming to all the adults.... my heart continues to ache with your leaving us.... do me a favor? give granny one of those BIG bear hugs you were so great at, and tell her it's from me.... i love you both, and i miss you wildly....

shelley "not to be confused with the other shelley whose mom had sense enough to spell her name right" peacock

Wonderful guy. I wrote some music for your video game trailers in 2000. I will say he was quite a nice guy, at the same time he got respect. Very likeable guy. I just lost my brother almost the same week, so I am wishing them both well. This is so sad. Best wishes to all friends and family of his. Sundae, thanks for the brief oppurtunity to meet him last year at E3.

Much love.

andre devon magone

I never knew Doug- I just decided to check out your tribute to him- and I'll tell you this- he must of been a really great person for so many people to say so many good things about him- I wouldn't dare try to speak for him either- but as for me, I would consider myself to be one lucky bastard to be remembered in so many good ways.

My condolances to all his family and friends.

D. Sipe

Sorry for the total loss as I too know how it is to lose a friend so close, that in another destiny, you're brothers by blood. To work long and hard to make a living and get to where he was today took real strength! I'm sure he misses you as much as you do up in the ol' GOD Games place in the sky. Just remember, the more you think of the times you had fun spending with him, the less you'll feel sad. I don't know you, nor did I know him, but what I do know is that happiness should prevail over keep smiling and keep your chin up. It'll take time, but it's best to do it along the way sometime!

Erick "Evil Ernie" Gonzalez

Douglas, I am so sad…I missed out on a terrific friendship. I was so excited about taking you to see Toni Price at Continental Club. I know you are in great hands, but I will miss you. I am so proud to have you as my cousin. You were always so accepting of me and Brad. I thank you for that. You, your sisters and your mom and dad are so dear to me. I thank God that I was "married" into your family. God Bless.

Ladd LeBus

I didn't know Doug Myres at all. I saw his photo with the "in loving memory..." on the opening page and followed the link. While reading it I was very sorry to hear of his early passing. As I'm 35 myself and spent roughly the first 13 Christmases of my life in the hospital for asthma, I feel for this guy. Doug, if you're reading this, I'm sorry for not having had the opportunity to get to make your acquaintance, you sound like a really great guy. From my family to the Myres': we wish you peace, and know that you're in our prayers.

Paul Adams

This is for Doug! You are the man! I met you in Vegas and was around you for 1 night and low and behold when it came time for my bachelor party in New Orleans you and Wilson showed! I remember that look you gave me at 5 am after a long night I remember us talking over coffee while everyone else slept and even though you packed up your backpack and walked out of the French Quarter before the rest of us so you could get back It touched me for you to be there. My fondest memory however will be in Mardi Gras when I approached the balcony and there you were-arms out calling me up smiling the whole time A hug and a high five was more comforting than you knew! Doug you touched people you didnt even know that good ; that is a true testament to friendship You will be missed! Mike Wilson you are on my mind buddy!

Jim Adkison

To all of Doug's family and to his friends, it is sad to see a great "light" flicker and to go out. I've read all of your letters and now Know that he lives on in all of you. Don't ask how cruel could have God been, but think how loving he was to send Doug into your lives. And the next time you thinking if there is a God or if Angels are real, think back, to Doug and know that you met one of God's Angels. My heart goes out to you all.

John M Anderson Jr.

I didn't know Doug for long but he was the kind of guy that became your instant best friend with his easy-going attitude and friendly humor. I remember hitting the baseball around with him in a park in Dallas. I kept missing the ball when he hit me a grounder but he just told me to not be afraid of the ball and get in front of it. We had to stop when it got too dark to play but I could see that he could have stayed out there all night just playing ball. I've never met an adult with a spirit as energetic and carefree as Doug's and it saddens and angers me that his life was cut short. I'll never forget your warm smile and kind spirit Doug.

Zac Carrico

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In Loving Memory

Doug -
While your time here was cut so short please know how many lives you touched and changed for the better. You let me in as a friend and later became my brother. We will cherish that forever. We love you.

Rick & Kelle

You are the most amazing person i have ever met, and just to have known you at all was a great gift. I'm sorry we couldn't spend more time together; now your words ring deep. I will miss you greatly.


Amber Poland

I would like to pass along my personal condolences to all of you on the untimely passing of Doug. I can only imagine what all of you are having to deal with.

When I think of Fresh and this situation, I am reminded of this quote:

Every heart that has beat strongly and cheerfully has left a hopeful impulse behind it in the world, and bettered the tradition of mankind.

-- Robert Louis Stevenson

Again, my condolences.

Evan Russell

Doug could make the sun shine - through sun punch or his smile.  There are no words in my mind to describe what a wonderful man he was.  If anyone was to have GREAT Karma - it was Doug.  He thought of everyone else before he thought of himself.  He made people smile even when they really didn't feel like it.  We were all brothers and sisters in Doug's eyes and I hope we all stay that way for him.  I don't know anyone who didn't love him... He was that wonderful. 

Dianne Vaughn

 I really didn't know Doug too well, but from the interaction I had with him, I knew that we were truly blessed to have met him. 

Duncan Stanley

I guess you could say that Doug was technically my boss... although it never really felt like it.  More than anything he was a friend.  He gave me the chance to do the job that I've always wanted to do, for which I will be eternally grateful to him.  He's allowed me to experience so much working with GodGames. Basically given me the chance to work my dream job. 

I offer my condolences to both his family and friends, as well as to his family at GodGames.  You will be missed Doug... Missed like crazy. 

Ian Armstrong 

I came to GoD, and met the family that I never knew I was missing.  The last 2 years at GoD have been fun and frustrating.  They have been filled with joy, wonder, and happiness in cities all over the country, but through it all, Fresh was always right there in the middle of things.  Smiling, laughing, cajoling, and singing with us all the time, he was the glue that pulled us together.  When you made Doug laugh, the sun came out.  As I sit here today and feebly attempt to put into words what he did for my heart, my eyes are filled with tears.

I love you, Doug.  We all do.  And you will be sorely missed. 

Jordan Allen

I did not know Doug for very long... much less so than the rest of the folks at GodGames.  But, Doug had that kind of soul that made you feel like you had known him forever.  If anyone could put a smile on my face, or make a gloomy day beautiful, it was Doug.  In our eyes, he made the sun shine.  For his always kind words, his passion for... everything, and his heart of gold, Doug Myers will be sincerely missed by all.  We love you, Fresh.

Andrea Villarreal   


Doug was an extraordinary person.  I hear that said about so many on their passing, but anyone who knew Doug knows what an understatement that is.  He was, without exaggeration, one of the finest people I've ever known.  His has always been the face that leapt to my mind whenever someone mentioned "good people", and I expect that for me, it always will be.  His example influenced those around him to become better people themselves.  I've never known someone who more completely embodied the phrase "Love thy neighbor". 

To say he will be missed is inadequate.  Words cannot convey the magnitude of a loss like this, but his memory will always serve me as a shining example of the way selflessness and unconditional goodwill to others can make the world a better place, one person at a time.

Rich Vos

Doug took a chance on my skills and gave me a shot in this industry on faith alone. For this and the thousand other things that made all of us love him, I will never forget Doug. We will suffer his loss every day of our lives.

Sanford May

He was someone who always, always had a smile for you. The room was always better and happier for his presence in it. A hard worker, a dependable individual, a talent--sure. But really, he was a solid, great guy. It is unbelievable he is gone. Fresh will be missed.

Tom Hall, ION Storm

Wow, i'm in shock. I can't believe what has happened. Doug was a truly great person -- a real friend, and very honest. I can't believe something as simple as asthma has claimed his life. It's just incomprehensible. I know he'll be missed here at Ion, and I'm sure the feeling at GoD has got to be 100 times stronger since Doug was very close to everyone down there. I'll miss his ever-ready smile, wit, and true honesty and friendship.

John Romero, ION Storm

Doug was an inspiration to all who knew him. I've never met someone with such energy and a continually upbeat outlook. He could make you smile when sad, or bring calm to a tense situation. He gave without ever expecting anything in return. He was a friend to all who knew him. The gaming industry lost some of it's fire today.

Tim Gerritsen, Human Head Studios

There's something I noticed when I met Doug. I think it's something that everybody notices really. They may not even be conciously aware of it at first but they always walk away with the feeling they just met somebody special. Somebody who has "it" know, that thing you can't put your finger on but you know in your heart it's the holy grail of our being: an inner peace, an understanding of self, a focus, Karma, or Chi. It's more than that really, words cannot truly describe what is mysterious and almost magical. But that was Doug. He had that energy, the Spirit of Fresh, and he couldn't help but share it with those around him.

David Eddings

It saddens me this day to know that one of the bright shining stars has suddenly faded away. Doug was a very outgoing, caring, and giving person and I am stunned by this loss. In all of the time that I knew him, there was never a moment when Doug was not 100% positive and happy towards everyone. We enjoyed some good and goofy times together talking over drinks at one of the many fun parties in Dallas. He was always there with a smile and a joke to make you laugh. I have nothing but wonderful memories of Doug and I thank him for making my life that much brighter. You will be missed oh Fresh one!

Joe Selinske

Doug was the most giving and unselfish person I've known, and in the limited time we spent together, we all felt he was our brother. In the days to come, when the shock turns to sorrow and the sorrow turns to anger, just realize that for some reason God chooses to take his brightest stars earlier than we would like, and we should feel fortunate that we were graced by his light when he was here.

Kyle Richards

Doug was a caring, loving, extremely witty and sarcastic man...I totally connected with him on many levels and never got the chance to tell him he was the best boss I have ever had. I am going to miss him very much. I still hear his voice and still feel his presence. Not only was he a pleasant person to work with but an all around good person. His bright smile and witty charm always added some laughter to the cave.

Jessica Nelson

I don’t know what to say. I want to pass on my personal condolences. Fresh was one of the best persons on the planet, insanely fun to work with (the master of laughter), reliable, and glowing with inner light.

I share the grief.

Petri Jarvilehto, Remedy Entertainment

I grieve the loss of you my friend. You were my mentor, and my guiding light to a better way of living. I hope you will know what a profound and positive impression you have made on my soul. "Love" doesn't quite cover it as a word.

Chad Lovell

Doug was the very essence of "Cajun" cool. With a semi-devilish grin, the man could charm the habit off a nun. I'm going to miss hearing "oh go on now" or "aw shucks" in that cool accent. I'm missing you already.

Tricia "Kazi Wren" Harris,

Doug carried Love and goodness with him always. The most enlightened spirit. I cherish our friendship. Klik Klak, Fresh! You truly made the world a better place for me.

Jake Hughes, ION Storm

I didn't know Fresh as well as I would have liked, but I would still name him as one of the reasons I am where I am today. Every time I had the chance to interact with him, he was always kind, generous, funny, helpful, and just plain uplifting to talk to. He would always lay down the truth for me, but at the same time, he never had anything bad to say. Seeing people like him in the industry made me want to be here. It made the gaming world shine in my eyes. But the thing of it is, it wasn't the industry that made Doug shine, it was Doug that made the industry shine. My sorrow for Doug's passing reaches out not to Doug, who is hopefully in a far far better place, but for all the countless people who never had a chance to see Doug shine...

Lucas Davis, ION Storm

Doug Myres is one of the best guys I have ever known. I never heard him say a bad word about anyone and he always had a great big smile on his face!!

Larry Herring, ION Storm

I am very sorry to hear about Doug. He was a LIGHT that brightened the path of everyone he met. I know he is in a much better place now without the suffering he faced so bravely. I can truly say I was blessed to work with Doug because he could make even the worst of situations a little more tolerable with a smile and a quick little sumpin, sumpin. You will all be in my prayers during this time of GREAT loss.

Chris Kennard

I was really sorry to hear about Doug Myers today. While I only met him a few times the one thing that stuck in my mind about Doug was that he had qualities that I would like to see more of in me. He always seemed happy, he always appeared determined, he was always there for others. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you through this tough time.

Jamie Leece, Take Two


Knowing you was such a blessing to me! No matter when I saw you, you always had a big hug and that fabulous smile of yours for me. You always seemed sincerely happy to see me. I so enjoyed out last visit when you were here recently. So many around TRI and The Gathering have thought of me as mom for years - I was so proud to be a "mom" to you, Doug. I feel blessed to have known you. God speed, my dear!

Marilyn Webb, TRI

After I heard the news and had a moment to reflect on Doug, my mind raced with thoughts about all the people who would be devastated by the news. Everyone loved being around Doug so much for his quick, dry wit and endless friendship.

Mike's statement that Doug was the heart and soul of GodGames is 100% correct. He was always the voice of reason, the mediator and the instigator. He was incredibly smart and had a vision for the future unlike anyone I've ever known before.

To say I will miss him is an understatement. I relied on Doug for so many things, both personally and professionally, and have been fortunate to develop such a strong friendship over the past several years. We rarely have the opportunity to know someone so incredible in our lives, and I'm blessed to be friends with Doooooouuuug Myyyyyyyyyyrrres!

Jim Bloom

I've known Doug for several years and though we only had a working relationship, he was always gracious, friendly and cooperative. Doug was the kind of guy you liked from the moment you met him. He had an infectious wide smile that included his entire face. He was a kind soul who bent over to any degree to help you out. I only wish I could have been there to somehow return the favor.

I'm even more affected because Doug had been at our office this week tirelessly working on an important E3 video for Duke, and Doug's positive contributions and dedication to this video will be apparent to all who see it.

Doug, you will be missed, but you will not be forgotten.

Scott Miller, 3D Realms

I have no idea what to say about the loss of Doug Myres. During my stint at ION Storm, he was one of the very few people there that I felt I could really talk to, and that he was one of the better people we have in the industry. Intelligent, humorous, and loyal to the quick, Doug was definitely the kind of person we need more of, both in the industry and the public at large.

To his family, I can only say that I hope you can take heart in knowing that you had a wonderful son, and someone I am truly proud to say I had the pleasure of knowing. Godspeed Fresh.

Chris Johnson, Surreal Software

Doug was a very unique man. He was selfless in nature and wanted everyone to be happy. He enjoyed pushing himself to the extreme no matter what the situation was. There was always a crooked smile on his face when he would greet you to let you know that he held a special place in his heart just for you. Doug was, by far, one of the most caring and loving individuals that I have met in my journey through life. I hope that the people who's lives he touched come to realize this and realize that Doug presented himself in the best way that he saw fit. Doug had taught me so many different things about people, about patience, and most importantly he showed me that no matter what life throws at you it is still possible to be able to confront it with a smile and an attitude to match. Doug is someone that we should all keep in our minds for the rest of our life. He is that one special friend that you need to look back upon and realize how fragile life can be. Doug was a good friend and a great person. I wish I could have seen him one last time before he left us. There was always that: "Oh I will see him sometime soon..." that lurked in the back of my head... I regret not acting upon that sooner...I am going to miss him dearly.

Doug... Piggly Wiggly... now we're thankin' you... for being such a great friend. God Bless.

Noel Stephens, ION Storm

I just wanna say....

FRESH CHEEZEŠ was by far once of the brightest souls to find his odd way into my path. I first met Doug on a phone call for some funky event he wanted to pull off and I informed him I was a production company, which I at first thought was an odd combo. An hour later, on the same conversation, this man Doug persuade me to do an event for Gathering of Developers. That was my first adventure with Fresh Cheeze three years ago. Since then, I have been one of the Fresh Cheezeąs biggest fans. Let me tell you, I love me sum Fresh Cheeze, no matter if he was a cheeze poo, doodle, ball, platter, Linberger or any way serviced up. I always loved hearing from Doug, via phone, witty emails, or even better in person. There is not one single thing I could ever say about Doug that would be negative. I loved everything about that man. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to have him in my life. I am devastated and shocked by Dougąs untimely passing, but the FRESH CHEEZE smile will always brighten my dae!!

Sundae, Charger Entertainment


...I'm really in shock. I'm going to really miss you bro, we had some good times over the years. We both moved to Austin from Dallas around the same time a few months ago. We both were very busy working very hard, never taking time to look up. We'd planned on getting together and knocking some beers back for the last few weeks, but I could never find the time in MY schedule. Each week I'd tell you, maybe this week, I'm kind of slammed now. You'd say, "whenever, it's not a big deal". You were always like that...laid back and calm. You were definitely full of life and good times. Through all the time I knew you, not once did I hear you mutter a bad word about someone else. I only wish that I could say that about myself. You were an inspiration to me throughout moments of despair. I remember the time you helped me put together a demo tape of my work. You did this on your own time after hours. What I thought would only take an hour of your time, took all night long. It took all night long because you wanted me to do it right, not to just throw it together. It was your idea to take my talents to the next level and wanted me to achieve better. You asked for nothing in return but gave so much of yourself. I never got to take you out for that steak dinner and whiskey. I will miss you my friend. You were one of the good guys. You won't be forgotten. I want to thank God for giving you to us for the time we had you in our lives. You've sincerely touched all our hearts.

Den Johnson, ION Storm/ Austin, TX

We've worked on so many projects that have frustrated me to no end. Every time a new challenge came along I thought it had to be the most difficult task you ever lined up for me. Looking back now, I cherish the challenging times as much as the good times. You brought out the best I had to give, and I thank you for that.

And now I'm faced with the most difficult challenge you've ever given me, saying good bye. While I always tried to tell you this in one way or another, and I hope you were able to hear it... if there were one last thing I could tell you, "Doug, you are my hero."

Scott Dudley

Always wanting people to smile... Your concern for others and positive outlook were reflections of what a giant heart you had. You always took what little time you had to say, "hello" or give a hug. You looked for the beauty in everything and always found the best in others. For this, you left the world a better place. My heart is broken but I will not grieve too much. When I feel sad, I'll just remember all the funny things you did, and how you made others feel so good inside, when you really didn't have to.

"Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts and we are never, ever the same." - unknown

I'll miss you.

Ali Leger

I recently heard about the terrible loss of Doug, co-founder of GodGames. The guys here at kromestudios give our condolences to all of Doug's family and workmates/friends. Events like these always seem to bring people back to reality, life must go on. I have much respect for GodGames, keep up the good work guys and take it easy!

Brendan Rogers

First of all, my most heartfelt condolences. Please know that my heart and soul goes out to everyone that knew him, especially those closest to him. Though I didn't know him, I know people like you have described, and they are the few that make the rest of the world and its selfish problems look good. When people like that pass, it is up to those of us that knew them to carry on the spirit that they helped to spread.

"Most people search high and wide for the keys to success. If they only knew, the key to their dreams lies within." -George Washington Carver

It sounds like your friend understood this more than some people will ever understand it in a lifetime.

Jason Emanuelson

You were truly an amazing young man. At the service today at Laureland Funeral Home in Ft. Worth, Texas, I have never seen the out pouring of love from so many friends and companions. We will truly all miss him. To the mother and father, Doug and Clel, may God Bless You for a job well done.

Don and Denver

I just wanted to send my condolences to you. I know you and Doug were close. I liked Doug a great deal, and he was a shining light through the darkness on many occasions. There are not enough people like him around.

James Poole

When i think of Doug, i picture him shoeless, wearing shorts, a t-shirt, his favorite hat, and a big smile. every day when i walked into the office, he always had a big "morning bob!" for me. working with him was always a pleasure, and i'm glad i had the opportunity to do so. i'll certainly miss him.

Bob Rost

We have just heard the terrible news of Doug's passing and would like to express our sympathy to his family and friends. We knew Doug only briefly when he came to Australia last summer but we shared some memorable times together. Learning to surf, playing baseball in the frontyard and boating out on Pittwater. His generous spirit and easygoing nature struck a chord with everyone he encountered.

Mike & Nicole Newling

I got word this morning that Doug had passed away and I just can't believe it. I met Doug and the other God guys when I was at and he, I have to confess, made my heart sigh for the south. He was a gentle soul who had a smooth smooth way.

We all had such a good time, laughing and dancing. Just ask Harry about the Dutch Oven. Oh we laughed so hard.

I'm thinking about you boys in Texas now. Love to you all.

Catherine Smith

We are mother/father-in-law to Karie Myres Bearden, whom we love dearly. Each time we were in the presence of Douglas, we enjoyed his delightful charm immensely. We always knew that he would be successful in any path he chose to take -- he was just that kind of person. How sad we are to learn that his journey was cut so short, but all of us are lucky to have been on his path or met him along the way. He just made it a little brighter. We want to say that he was blessed with Doug and Clel, just about the best two parents that anyone could dream for -- and that says a lot about why he was so wonderful too. God be with all family and friends as we share in your grief at such an incredible loss.

Chuck and Barbara Bearden

All games4mac people are sorry for what it's happened and expresses its sincerely condolences to all Douglas Wayne Myres' relatives and friends.

Ciao Doug da tutti noiS

Luciano Pecorella

I didn't know Doug at all and we had never even met. But as my Mother-in-law was the very best of friends with his mother, and I am friends with his sister, I feel as if I should have known him better. Doug was like a 4th son to my in-laws and my husband and I certainly share in the grief with the Myres family. I only hope that the family eventually deals with this grief and knows that Doug is in a far better place, surrounded by people who love him.

Justin and Tiffany McMillan

Please accept my condolences for the loss of Doug Myres, and convey my sympathy to his family. He was quite kind and reassuring to me, a Mac owner, when I worriedly asked about whether Myth 3 would be released for the Mac Platform. He quickly e-mailed back to me: fear not ;-)

Judith Krauss

I am very sorry for your loss.

I had only met Doug once in passing, but it is obvious from the outpouring of grief his death has brought that he was a very unique, talented and well loved individual that will be sorely missed.

The very idea of someone so young passing away is incredibly disturbing to me and I am sure the pain you are feeling is beyond my comprehension.

Ryan Brant

I never knew Doug, or any of you for that matter, but I'd like to offer my deepest condolences. I know that the world as a whole is losing a wonderful person and a valuable resource in Doug. It's easy to see how we all need to be a bit more like him. At times such as these, the loss and sorrow may eventually turn to anger since we can't understand why Doug was taken. But one thing to keep in mind, and always remember:

The souls that touch our hearts and our lives are often recruited to a better, more important role -- because Heaven needs Angels too.

Roger Hantz

I got to know Doug a few years back and from my first contact with him I got the feeling that it's going to be a pleasure working with him. But little did I know. In fact, working with Doug proved to be an experience I will never forget.

Doug was always cheerful, very easy to work with and 100% trustworthy. And even when he was surrounded by people tearing him apart from all directions he still managed to keep smiling and get things done.

I truly miss him.

Samuli Syvahuoko

My condolences on your loss, I had met Doug on a number of occasions, mostly through our mutual enjoyment of The Flametrick Subs.

Nathan Regener

Fresh was one of the most down to earth, unselfish people I know. As most of us have said, he was truly a unique human being and to know him was a honest blessing. In some way Doug touched each of us and in our time of remembrance I think that we should take what he taught us or brought in our hearts and share it with everyone around us..... for Fresh! He will be terribly missed, but may the memories of him enlighten our hearts and inspire us to be better! I See You Baby......

Tatum Tippett

An obviously tragic loss to happen to someone so young, it hits home to hear someone who died so young. I'm 36 years of age as well. My heart goes out to his family and friends and co-workers for your terrible loss.

Greg Balaze

Doug, it was an honor to have known you.............I'll see you again one day, maybe then you can explain to me why you had to leave so suddenly. People who know and love you are having a pretty rough time around here since you left but we all know deep within ourselves that the brightest and greatest are always chosen first. I keep thinking you will walk around the corner anytime now as I sit here and write this. Hearing the laughter and greetings echo down the hallway that were created every time you came by the office. Looking at me with that big FRESH smile and shaking my hand as we greet yet another time, damn I miss you Doug. I will carry you within my heart for the rest of my days, that special gift you have within you will live on within us....................... I promise.

Thanks for being you Doug.

Darrin Hart

Although I don't know any of you folks, I understand how you must feel about your loss and you have my deepest most heartfelt condolences. I too lost someone very important to me just a day before you did. Darin was a special person who inspired me to become what I am today in the world of digital art. He was a teacher, a mentor, a sounding board, a mediator and more often than not, my voice of reason when everywhere there was chaos. But most importantly, and above all else, he was my friend. From reading Doug's email, I see a lot of Darin's personality there, so I know how much it must hurt for all of you.

Dave Kool

Doug, I cannot say enough about you my friend. I still remember my first few days at Southwest High walking off the practice field, not knowing a sole. You and Robby Bolinger approached me and you went way out of your way to make me feel at home. You did that with everybody. There are a handful of people that I have stayed in touch with since our school days, and, i'm glad we had the opportunity to talk just a few months ago after not seeing each other in a couple of years. I still remember you walking into my apartment the day you were drafted by the Mets, and I was so proud of you. You were such a hard worker. I'm gonna miss you.

Bruce Rushing

I haven't seen Doug in years. I met him through a lifelong friend 22 years ago or so. Our lives have come back together through the years for very short intervals. It is always nice to know that a person's joy for life and good people can stay constant through the adversities of modern life. Like most wonderful people, Doug faced many adversities through the years I have known him, but Doug was always good at maintaining that joy for life we all seek. I knew Doug before he found his path in life, and I just wanted you all to know that he was just as wonderful to be around then.

Thomas Perryman

I was thinking, thinking of the remarkably few moments of our lives that are truly magic. Those moments that sear indelibly into our souls and carry us with hope and dream into the future. That Is what those happy few do for us they leave us with those deep smiles and give us hope for a future that is bright.

There is magic in every day life. There are more than just those special moments. There is the sun, the joy in a child giggle, there are visions, all things that could evoke emotions of joy if we let them. There are successes and new adventures and memories. There are family and loved ones and friends.

So while you now are mourning, don't forget to also remember Doug and all of the wonderful things that make you feel for him. DonŐt forget times you spent good and bad. DonŐt forget moments of him. And mostly donŐt forget to smile because people in our lives, friends and time we have had with them can be of those magic moments. Those that lead us to the future. We should learn the wisdom, courage and outright gall to make the small and great happiness as grandiose as we are wont to make the small and great sadness. Do not forget to make great the thoughts of him. And make great seeing flowers, skies, grass. And making great pictures you take, and successes you make. And of dreams you have, visions you see and memories you carry. And of family and of loved ones and of friends you have. I am sorry for your loss, and I am thinking of you, knowing that things will be well with you, of that IŐm sure. Life is what we make with our hands and with our hearts, and we build only what we choose.

a friend of Andrea Schneider

I didn't have the pleasure to work with Doug directly, but judging from the memorial you folks have posted on his behalf, I can see he was a well loved and highly respected member of the G.O.D family. Please accept my condolences (as well as everyone else at Imagine Media). The loss of good people is always tough news.

Wilson Lau and all the kids at Imagine Media

I just run through your web site and see that terrible thing.

I'm sorry for you. I dont know you and him either, but i'm touched because my girlfriend suffer the same disease.

I'm sorry for you and I have to tell you.


We heard the bad news today about Doug Myres, and would like to wish his family, and friends at GoD the best during this hard time. We had looked forward to meeting with Doug at this year's E3, and will miss never getting to meet such a nice and friendly man.

Brian Lee Jones

I am webmaster of Express World, a website dedicated to games by Poptop Software, published by GodGames, me and my readers would like to pass on this message:

We the fans of the games from your company, did not know you at all, we never met you, but we all understand how hard it is to lose someone close to you. You have contributed to the whole gaming community with your work at Gathering of Developers and we thank you. You helped a great company to grow, and your contributions will be missed.

James Stevens (webmaster) & Express World Readers

Your easy going ways touched me, and changed my life. You were the one who was always there helping me out, offering to lend a hand or go the extra mile. I enjoyed your company and will never forget you. You will always stay alive in my mind when I think of those now famous words.....I'ma Thankin' ya!

Terry Nagy

I was shocked and saddened to hear about Doug today, and I wanted to express my sympathy for your guys' loss. Doug was a great guy, and he will really be missed. We had a lot of fun times together. I'll never forget the night at E3 driving around in that limo while Mike and Doug kept babbling about snore flaps. That was one of the silliest, funniest conversations I'd ever heard. I guess Doug's conversational genius helped make him unique.

I wish you guys the best in dealing with this, and I know Doug is somewhere smiling and missing you too.


Once in a while, if you're lucky, you meet someone that embodies all the good qualities that should be present in every human being. Doug was that person for me, as I'm sure he was for many people. He had an amazing energy that made everyone around him feel special. He was truly a gift to everyone that was lucky enough to meet him.

Doug, I love you and I will miss you always.

Whitney Hadwin

One of the good guys has left us. His laughter, good nature and sanity shone through the madness and darkness on many occasions. I will miss you. My deepest condolences to your family and friends.

James Poole...ex-Eidos

Doug went with me to see Lucinda Williams sing on Tuesday night. He could have seen her the night before in Austin, but he made the trip to Dallas so that we could all see her together. I had my arms around him. And we were both singing. And he seemed so strong in my arms. I just don't know how that big ol' heart could have stopped beating! All I can think today is how incredibly lucky I was to know him how I did. The day before he died, he emailed me and told me that I was his family - that I would always be. And I'm so grateful that I told him that I loved him then. Oh gentle Doug, you were just too good for this world. I will miss you everyday, for as long as I live.

Jenny Jemison

I am saddened and shocked by the loss of Doug Myres. He was one of those people that you met and knew instantly that you were going to be better off for having known him. Every time I would see Doug the greeting would be the same, a big old smile and a "hello darlin'". I never saw him without that smile on his face. He radiated goodness and happiness and he passed that on to those in his presence. There are not enough words that can really describe why Doug was so special, he just was. I will miss him tremendously. The world is not going to be the same place without him in it.

Jenn Kolbe

Best wishes and deepest sympathies to Doug's family and all of you at GodGames.

Erik Graham

I was walking the other day and this guy driving by in a jeep honked and waved. I was happily surprised when I realized that it was our friend Doug. We had a brief conversation, and afterward I wished that I had asked him to pull over to talk more. As he drove off, he turned and flashed this huge grin that those of us who were lucky enough to know him will always remember. Doug had this special ability to smile at the whole world and only you at the same time. I have never met a more real and honest person in my life. He will be sorely missed by all those blessed to have met him.

Steve Nix

It's hard for me to put into words how much I love you Doug. I was looking forward to hangin' with you this weekend - drinkin' beers, tellin' lies and gettin' ugly! I'd made it my personal project to get you OUT of the office and back into "enjoying" life. You deserved it more than anybody! We'd talked about doing so many things together in Austin. Like shooting a film, building welded sculptures (on Freshy Ranch), hiking the local trails, going to Burning Man, the list goes on and on... I'm deeply heartbroken I didn't get the chance to say goodbye. You will always be my brother Doug. I wish I could hug ya. I love you soooo much it hurts. "Know this!"

Michael Hadwin

I have to admit this is the first time I've ever heard of Doug, hell it's the first time I've even been to God Games, but he sounds like he was a hell of a guy and I send my condolences. I know how it feels to lose a friend.

a friend

I met Doug when we webcasted the opening of the Ion Storm offices in Dallas back a few years ago. From the moment we met, it was clear that he was the type of person that would do just about anything to help. He was warm, very funny, and very much a real down to earth person. I got the chance to hang/party with doug when we went to Woodstock 99 together. He was so full of life, and so fun to be around. I am in shock that someone with so much life can be gone so soon. I was really looking forward to seeing doug's smiling face at E3. We have lost someone very special.

Scot Rubin

To be honest with you, I don't know Doug and today was the first time I saw this site. However after reading throught most of the messages on this site, all I can say is that Doug must be an angel.......nothing more...nothing less.....and I wish I could have known him.........

My sincere condolences to his family and close friends.....they are the sufferers...but I am confident that Doug will be looking in on them from time to time to ease the pain!

Rajeev Kar

I never knew Doug, and unfortunately, I never will. Judging by what everyone has said about him, he must have been a great guy. I wish to express my condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. Although Doug himself never affected my life, his work at GoD did. Rest in Peace, Doug.

Avi Weinryb (Rogue36)

I just heard the sad news about Doug and I wanted to drop a line to express my condolences to you and the Gathering family. While I never had the privilege to work closely with Doug when I was at ActionAce, his easy going good nature, joy of life and professionalism and dedication certainly left an impression. He seems to have an ability to make a bad situation just a little better. In particular, one incident sticks in my mind. From your tribute page, it is obvious that Doug had this effect on a lot of people. I'm lucky I had the chance to meet him.


I became aware of the passing of Doug (E. Fresh) while away out of town, marrying off my brother and planning on some R&R in the outreaches of Montana.

Close friends let me know of the terribly saddening event.

Now back in town, and addressing the issue, it is hitting me...

I went to school with Doug in high school. I got to know him better through close friends after moving back to town after years away. It was then, he showed his supportive side (as others have professed) while I was looking to begin some career (get a job) right after college.

In the 10 years since, he had been a force in many great/special/important/... times being back in Texas. Doug always seemed to contribute to things being great/special/important/...

It is ironic (I guess) that as I read other comments and reflect, I have been listening to music just received from a music club while away , many which remind me of times with Doug E (Pearl Jam, Neil Young, Toadies concerts...or just listening & enjoying much, from The Sundays to Jane's Addiction with him).

And that's just it! He was a kindred spirit. Apparently, kindred with so many...

Those of us who had the privilege to know him well, through the years, will have a hard time ever letting his presence subside. And maybe that is the important part. He was such a gem of a guy that, I think, even his memory will give us some joy, some encouragement, some strength,...

Peace be with you, eternally, brother Myres!


My friends and I called him Nolan, and we had nicknames for the rest of his group as well. But my memory of him is the most crystal clear, in a bar in the French Quarter, sitting, staring, so handsome --ironically close to the moment that he would turn 36 years old. It wasn't until a few months later that we would become familiar with his intelligence and playful wit, and get to know his smile.

It was with deep sadness that we learned of Doug's death. To his family who we do not know, and to his friends that we do, we offer our most sincere sympathy.

Three friends from New Orleans

The first time i came to this site was May 7, the reason why I came to this site was to try to get a serious sam demo. When i reached the site i saw a picture of a man with a wide smile and a interesting look in his eye. At first i couldn't put my finger on it, but it was like just seeing his smile made me feel conformable or at home or maybe just a special peace inside myself. When I read what happened i just though "oh, how sad" Then, i read what some people said about him and I though "Well, i guess he was a pretty good guy." But when i read his final e-mail that he sent the team about going to e3 and how the team has to be constructive and not destructive and don't blame things on each other. I finally realized that this man was Beautiful. If you asked me this man was the happiest man on earth. When people are around you they will always remember Doug's great qualities and you will have a piece of heaven, something Doug had while he was on this earth.

P.S If i was ever able to speak to Doug I would say "fly on my sweet angel, fly on though the sky fly on my sweet angel tomorrow im going to be by your side." -Jimmy Hendrix

Landon Lee Burch